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Helpful Notes

Daily Refresh Times

(Displayed in AM/PM time)

a. Marketplace exchange limit resets at 12:00 AM midnight.

b. The following functions reset at 5:00 AM: Tax Collection, Tax Events (the questions that appear after collecting taxes), Title Salary, Season, Legion Plantation Harvest, Trade Caravans, and Daily Missions.

c. Emporium Gear refreshes its supplies at 10:00 PM.

d. Players can engage in one Campaign battle, one Invasion, one Subjugation, one Silver Mine battle and one Farm battle without using a rally at 8:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 7:00 PM each day.

e. Elite Army Battles Remaining resets at 8:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 7:00 PM, and 9:00 PM each day.

f. Grain Price fluctuates every half hour, moving steadily between 0.5 and 2.0. It usually takes about 4 hours to fluctuate from one extreme to the other.

g. Gear Enhance Success Rate fluctuates every half hour, moving steadily between 20% and 100%. It usually takes about 3 hours from one high point before it comes back up again. The success rate is not guaranteed to reach 100% each time it rises, but it almost always reaches at least 90%.


All Generals can reincarnate after reaching level 51.

Reincarnation will reset a general to level 1, but the base unit level will be increased. As the base unit level increases, the general level required for Reincarnation will also increase.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can reincarnate, but the level requirement may raise beyond the current max level in the game. (You can only go up to level 110... for now.)

alance of Power between the Three Kingdoms

At the top of the world map, a triangle is shown depicting the balance of power between the three kingdoms. If any one Kingdom gets too strong (has too many players, or captures too many Regions), the other two Kingdoms will automatically enter an alliance. Kingdoms in alliance cannot attack one another, and can participate in Regional battles together, share regions, and battle AI Legions in the Campaign together (even when the team is restricted to your Kingdom only!).


Allied kingdoms can move cities to one another’s Regions.

Players of Allied Kingdoms cannot attack one another.

Allied Kingdoms cannot invade one another.

Allied Kingdoms are treated as one kingdom when entering Regional battles or forming teams against AI Legion battles in campaign.

High level Region specialties

Political: Can't be occupied by other Kingdoms.

Economic: Investment returns double Prosperity.

Commercial: You can invest in other Level 100 Regions.

Military: Attacks on other Kingdoms will reduce Kingdom Allegiance by double.

Cultural: Accepts players from all Kingdoms.

Regional Price Index influences the price of Textiles. The higher the Price Index, the more profit you'll see from selling your Textiles. The Price Index changes once every half hour, much like the Enhance success rate and Grain price.



a. Daily Missions: Each time the Daily Mission list is refreshed, the chance of higher difficulty Missions appearing is directly related to the most difficult mission completed this week. If you refresh your Daily Missions and complete a very difficult mission on the first day of the week, you will gain access to more difficult missions every time the list refreshes for the rest of the week. This is key because more difficult missions have rewards beyond Battle Points, including White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and even Purple Spell Books!

b. Each of the starting Generals has unique abilities and Gambits.

c. Among the Generals you defeat early on in the Dong Zhuo Stage and Renegade Forces Stages, Hua Xiong, Xu Rong, Cai Dan, Dong Zhuo, and Gong Sunzan can all be recruited for great synergy with your starting General. Cai Dan, from the Renegade Forces stage, is critical for any Gambit strategy for the entire game. Xu Rong, of the Dong Zhuo Stage, is a strong choice for high damage well until the mid-game. Explore your options and formulate a strategy that suits you!

d. Normal damage is countered by Normal defense, Gambit damage is countered by Gambit defense, and Spell damage is countered by Spell defense.

e. If you are struggling against a single opponent in the Campaign, remember to exhaust all of your options to become more powerful: Enhance your Gear, upgrade Research, level your Generals, Enlighten your Generals, try different Formations, hunt for better Gear, etc.



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